To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Universal Windows Direct in Cleveland, the owners of the exterior home improvement company thought they would put out a promotion that could end up costing upwards of $1 million in free doors, windows, roofs and siding.

The promotion was simple and probably seemed a safe bet. Last season the Cleveland Indians set a franchise record when the team won 14 straight games. So by putting up a challenge to see if they could win 15 in a row probably seemed unachievable.

Here was the challenge. Any Universal customer who had any work done on their home in the month of July would get all of their money refunded if the Indians could win 15 in a row in the month of August and beyond. What kind of work? Everything from windows and doors, to siding and roofs.

Here’s a look at what’s at stake as the Tribe goes for that 15th win Thursday night in Chicago:

Number of customers enrolled in promotion: 226

Dollar amount of projects in July: Over $1 million

Customer who would benefit the most: one person boughT all new windows, siding and roofing for $41,000

How does a contest like this work? No the owners of Universal aren’t sweating bullets, in fact according to Universal’s spokesman Justin Kiswardy they’re hoping it happens because an insurance policy would cover the $1 million.

“Obviously we have an insurance company backing the promotion, and truthfully, we are all rooting for the Indians to pull it off.  Will be a great victory for all of our customers who bought in July,” says Kiswardy.

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