Count Browns quarterback Josh McCown among those impressed with Clemson’s Deshaun Watson after Monday’s national title win over Alabama.

“Watching from TV, I thought, he must be doing something good on the sideline because he was playing at such a high level down the stretch,” McCown told the MMQB. “In the NFL, players who play at a high level and play for a long time, they find a way to do that.”

Browns fans know all about college stars (Johnny Manziel) who flame out in the pros, but McCown doesn’t see that happening with Watson.

“I actually think the NFL game could help him a little bit,” McCown said in the article. “In college, some of the throws you are asked to make are different –because of the nature of the field, the hashes, the run pass options. When you have the arm strength, which Deshaun certainly does, some throws that maybe he’s not been asked to make yet, he’ll be asked to make in the NFL. And maybe he’s really good at those. Just look at recent history. Dak Prescott, I know he did great things at Mississippi State, but he flew under the radar a little bit, and then he gets in the pro game and it’s like, Wait a minute, he can make that throw? He can make this throw?

McCown’s own future is up in the air. He has one year left on his Cleveland contract, at a cap hit of $5 million. However, the Browns are expected to draft a QB so there may not be room on the roster to bring McCown, Robert Griffin III and Cody Kessler all back.

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