On Sunday a Cleveland Browns fan sitting next to Cleveland 19 Chief Meteorologist Jason Nicolas had to be awakened by an usher and it came with a threat as Nicolas posted on Twitter.

Just happened. Usher threatened to throw a fan out next to me for…. SLEEPING.

Without getting into the debate of whether or not the football game was worth staying awake for we did want to find out from the Cleveland Browns staff if sleeping is actually something you can be kicked out of FirstEnergy Stadium for.

When asked if there is a policy Cleveland 19 was told by a Browns spokesman no there is no policy but in this case, “I believe it’s fair to assume the usher was simply making sure the fan was OK and not impaired…”

According to Nicholas, he didn’t know the fan but says he wasn’t impaired. “Absolutely not. We had a conversation, he was up since five in the morning. He was tired. He was not drunk, I don’t believe he was drinking.”

The shocking thing is that anyone could even take their eye off the action on the field. In four quarters the Browns managed to throw for a massive 118 yards before throwing in the back-up QB for mop up duty. There had to be roars that could wake someone with all of the big running plays in which the Browns racked up a total of just 45 rushing yards as a team. Can you really blame a fan for trying to do something productive until their first chance to cheer for Cleveland’s only touchdown which came with just 1:54 left in the game.

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