One of Cleveland’s ‘IT’ couples is laying it all out for GQ magazine.

Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor now have the title of the hottest couple to go along with their hot bodies.

The Cleveland Cavaliers guard and T.T. have had an amazing year. Not only was Taylor by Shump’s side when he helped the city bring home its first sports championship in 52 years, but the couple got married in the same bathroom that Shumpert helped Taylor deliver their first child in.

In an exclusive interview with the magazine Shump and Taylor talked about what makes their marriage work, their baby girl Junie and the things they do in Cleveland to have fun.

What does an exciting couple like you do in the very exciting city of Cleveland?
We actually have a ball. I ain’t even going to front. We love the movies. We love a movie and popcorn night at the house as well. We like good restaurants. [We] take Junie to Chuck E. Cheese’s. When you’re with the person you don’t mind being with all day every day, y’all could be in like West Bumble?!#* and still have a great time.

How do you navigate the complications or difficulties of having such a public relationship?
Communication. We communicate on a day-to-day basis and just know what’s going on with each other so much that [between] the things that we’re supposed to do as far as our job goes and as far as just checking in, there’s no real room for the nonsense.

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