Hundreds of residents in the Cuyahoga Heights school district packed a school board meeting Wednesday night, to protest the school board president and the suspension of the superintendent.

Still no answers in dismissal of Cuyahoga Heights superintendent

The fireworks started before the meeting even started, when Lance Zink, a parent with kids in the district, held an impromptu rally for those present. School board president Dr. Holly Thacker, was heard saying that she wanted Zink to be stopped since he didn’t have a permit to speak. She was told that Zink wasn’t doing anything illegal.

“There is no requirement by law to have public comment. It’s in our policy, but we do it unless we suspend it and we have routinely been suspending it for work sessions,” said Thacker.

At this point the crowd began shouting loudly at Thacker.

“I will recommend suspension of public comment as long as the board education’s business continues to be interfered with,” she said.

The other main objection those in the crowd brought up was last week’s suspension of superintendent Tom Evans — a suspension enacted without a public reason being given.

Chants of “We want Evans” came from the crowd Wednesday, many in the crowd also held up signs reading “I support Tom Evans.”The meeting lasted about an hour and a half, and Evans was never publicly discussed by the board.

When adjourned, Thacker quickly left, and was escorted to her car by her husband and the Independence police chief. When Cleveland 19 attempted to approach her vehicle to see if she wanted to comment, she and her husband quickly drove away.

After the meeting was adjourned, those in the crowd joined together to sing the Cuyahoga Heights school song.

Cleveland 19 News has requested Evans’ personnel file. Officials said there were a couple requests that were submitted earlier, and that Evans was the one who handled public records requests. We have not yet received the file.

Watch Cleveland 19 News clip here.



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