Goodwill is in desperate need of donations. A fire last month at their warehouse in Canton left the non-profit reeling. Smoke destroyed thousands of items just before the holidays.

As the year comes to an end, you may be thinking about making last minute donations, and Goodwill needs them more than ever. So before you put that old TV or furniture out on the curb, give it a second look. If you donate it, you could really be helping someone out.

Donations are piling up at the Goodwill store in North Olmsted, but the donations can’t come in fast enough after a fire tore through this 80,000 square foot warehouse in Canton and destroyed everything.

“The Cleveland stores have been helping them out, so that takes away from our donations that come into the store. We’re sharing all of our donations with them at this time because they do need them. They lost a lot, and we work as a team to help everyone out,” said Lisa Strong, the store manager.

Goodwill locations across the area need as much help as they can get. Around the holidays, times can be tough for a lot of families, and many depend on Goodwill to find great deals.

“We’re always looking for gently used clothes, housewares, furniture, shoes, books, anything,” Strong said.

Patty Sabo loves shopping here.

“I find brands that I can’t afford to shop in the mall or anywhere else. This is the only place I go,” Sabo said.

If you donate anytime through Saturday, your donation will be a tax write-off for 2016.

“What you may think someone doesn’t want, they probably do. We just will take everything at this point to help out all of the stores,” Strong said.

Any items you donate to Cleveland area stores will probably be shipped to the Canton area. The warehouse serves seven counties in northeast Ohio. You can also donate money at any Goodwill store. Click here for more information on how to donate.

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