(CNN) – A limited supply of McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce had lots of Rick and Morty fans upset.

The irreverent Adult Swim cartoon recently followed mad scientist Rick’s quest to travel back in time to obtain the limited-edition sauce.

McDonald’s originally released Szechuan sauce in 1998 to coincide with Disney’s movie Mulan.

In honor of the Rick and Morty episode, the fast-food giant pledged a one-day-only rerelease of the sauce on Saturday.

Participating stores were quickly overwhelmed by the demand.

Fans of the show and sauce were turned away after the limited batch ran out.

Some customers responded by lashing out on Twitter and in person.

One fan reportedly threw McNuggets at an employee after hearing the sauce was gone.

To make amends to these die-hard fans, McDonald’s will add Szechuan sauce to its menu this Winter.

They are preparing for much larger quantities this time.

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