Have you noticed the return of the midges? I started noticing a few here and there over the weekend, but over the last few days I’ve seen more and more of them. They covered my house on Wednesday.

The midges make their fall return when Lake Erie’s water temperatures begin to cool off. The water temperature off Cleveland on Sept. 7 is 71 degrees.

A wide view of our lake’s surface temperatures shows us that the numbers have dropped into the 60s in many locations.

Couldn’t they wait until the American League Division Series to come back to Cleveland? The midges famously interrupted a 2007 Yankees vs. Indians playoff game.

The midges are obnoxious. They’re sticky and icky.

I will admit that they’re not here to hurt us. They aren’t poisonous or harmful to humans.

I am told that fish and other aquatic creatures find them rather tasty. That has to be good for our lake, right?!

Here are some other yucky (I mean, fun) midge facts:

  • They have been known to congregate in such large numbers that they can look like something out of a horror movie.
  • Okay, I’m being dramatic. Their swarms can look like smoke plumes.
  • If there are enough of them, they can even show up on the radar.
  • They tend to be attracted to lights, so if you want to keep them somewhat at bay, turn your porch lights off.
  • They only live about five to 10 days. (To me, that’s the most fun fact of all!)

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