Search Suspended for Dad and 3-Year-Old Son Swept Out to Sea as Wife Looked On

The Oregon Coast Guard has suspended the search for a father and son who were swept out to sea by ‘sneaker wave’ Sunday January 15th while the man’s wife reportedly looked on.

Authorities spent 22 hours searching by helicopter and foot for 31-year-old Jayson Dean Thomas and his 3-year-old son, who were swept into the ocean by a wave, according to reports.

“The father, Jayson, was carrying the toddler, to the best of our information, in a backpack when he got close to the water a big wave came and swept him off his feet and then out into the ocean,” Sgt. Dave Aydelotte said.

Thomas’ wife reportedly witnessed the moment. She then contacted authorities.

Oregon State Police officials are working to arrange additional aerial and ground searches, according to reports.

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