by Rick Cornachione, Web Producer

(Cleveland, OH) – WUAB It’s fun to dream isn’t it? The writers at Sports Illustrated like to take these very dreams and print them to paper. In the March issue of Sports Illustrated, Cy Young Winner Cory Kluber and Outfielder Micheal Brantley adorn the cover “sharing a laugh” as if they are in on some joke the rest of us are not aware of. Well, I hope they are not referring to last years attendance record cause that is no laughing matter. You can check out the article here. The last time Sports Illustrated picked the Indians to take it all was 1987 and we all know how that turned out. My only hope is that this will spark another Major League film. I remember being at an Indians game in 2009 and upon my boredom realized that I rather go home and watch the goofball cast of Major League play the Indians than watch the actual Indians play themselves.

Cleveland has had a few ups and downs since the near Dream Team of the mid 1990’s dissolved. The highest “up” fizzling out during the 2007 American League Championship against the Boston Red Sox. Cleveland was full steam ahead with a promising lineup of Victor Martinez, Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore. But the magic didnt last long as Martinez was sent to Boston in a 3 pitcher trade deal including Jason Masterson while Hafner and Sizemore were both riddled with performance reducing injuries in the following years. Not to mention that a lot of that 2007 talent was resigned with a high price tag. In 2006, the ball club signed Grady Sizemore for $23.45 million over 6 years with an option for 2012. Too bad for Cleveland that Sizemore’s stats peaked during that time and ended with a dismal .224 BA, 10 HR and 32 RBI during the 2011 season.

But, maybe the Cleveland Indians are finally due to have their day in the sun. Or alteast a day in overcast north east Ohio weather. I mean, Lebron came back, right? And there is a Heinen’s downtown now. Could Cleveland actually turn into a fully functioning city again? I believe the  answer is a resounding “yes”. Progressive Field has also made some renovations to the stadium prior to this year’s 2015 season: removal of 7,000 seats and expanding it’s beer list by carrying more craft beers. Which tells us one thing: Clevelanders may not be gung-ho about buying Indians tickets but, they still like getting drunk. Progressive Field is also courting the trendy local restaurants into their home as Tremont’s Barrio, Melt and Gordon Square’s Sweet Moses will join the culinary lineup.

If you’re doubting my Tribe patriotism, I’ll leave you with this – last year I spent $40 on one of those “hip” flat brim hats that all the kids are wearing today. I asked the clerk at the Indians Shop “Where’s the old regular style hats with the rounded brim like athletes wore in the 90’s?” It was at this moment that I realized I had become the old guy asking “Where are the typewriters?” while standing confused in the middle of an Apple store. I tried to fold the hat to fit like the hats from my era – no luck. Now I just look like this confused guy in a kids hat whose having a mid life crisis, even though I’m only 30.