Few things have stood the test of time like good old fashioned romance. However, the way we go about meeting and courting that love interest has changed. Technology has made it easier to FaceTime a long-distance love, and sending texts with emojis can make your feelings known instantly, any time of the day or night.

Technology has certainly changed romance and romantic relationships, both for the good and for the bad,” said Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg, the Division Chief of Behavioral Medicine at University Hospitals. “Whether you decide if it’s been helpful or hurtful will allow you do decide whether you want to swipe left or swipe right.”

To begin with, technology has no doubt expanded our options.

“Our technology really has broadened our scope of how and where we can meet people,” added Kinsberg. “We are no longer limited to our hometowns or even our home states and that really has opened up the avenue of who we might be interested in.”

But having so much information at your disposal can also be a double-edged sword. Through the use of electronic devices, you can also more easily find out things like if someone is cheating, or if they telling the truth about where they are.

Kingsberg reminds use all of the tech-savvy tools at our fingertips in our favor- especially when it comes to romance.

“The smart person will use technology to enhance their romantic concepts on Valentines Day,” she said. “So they can send texts and e-mails throughout the day, send little flirtatious notes, but if that’s all they do- if all they do is send a little emoji- a technology driven bouquet of flowers- I would think that is a little limited. You get what you pay for.”

Don’t forget nothing replaces the good old fashioned romance our grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed, though.

“The physical contact of taking someone to dinner or buying them roses or a nice bottle of wine enhanced by those flirtatious texts and e-mails, now you have the full picture, but if you limit it to just that two dimensional approach, I think you might get a two dimensional kiss back,” says Kingsberg.

Maybe most important of all to sustaining romance in today’s world: know when to turn all that technology off.

“When we are texting at the dinner table or we go out to dinner with our partner and we have our cellphone out there and we are focusing more on whose texting and who is e-mailing than having that intimate conversation,” she said. “So, it’s really important that technology have its place, and sometimes that place is in your purse or in your pocket.”

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