Republican nominee Donald Trump has been dubbed an unconventional candidate, and that’s what a crowd saw from him Wednesday afternoon as he arrived back in Cleveland to meet with his running mate.

The Trump private jet first flew by the Great Lakes Science Center, where a crowd of delegates and media waited for him. After the plane landed at Burke Airport, Trump took a helicopter just a few blocks over back to the event and landed on the lawn of the science center.

Opera music blared as he made his dramatic entrance.

Trump and Pence briefly addressed the crowd of media and GOP delegates. It was largely an introduction of Trump’s VP pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

It’s the first time the Trump and Pence families have publicly met during the Republican National Convention.

Pence is a Christian conservative who spent a decade in Congress. His wife Karen, a former elementary school teacher, was with him Wednesday.

“Good pick,” said Robin Walker, a Texas delegate. “I don’t know much about him except what I read, but he’s steady and did a lot for his state. So he’s going to be a heck of a Vice President.”

Joe Arpaio, an Arizona delegate and sheriff in Arizona’s Maricopa County, was similarly positive.

“I know his character, and Pence is a great choice to help (Trump) out, especially with the Washington bureaucracy,” Arpaio said. “But once again, Trump will be the President and we’re going to rely on him and his policies, his guts, and his courage.”

Pence will be taking the convention stage Wednesday night. Thursday will mark the fourth and final day of the convention.

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