Voting kicked off Tuesday in MLB’s new Fans of the Year contest, and four Tribe fans are vying for this inaugural honor.

Those fans include:

Nate Crowe, originator of the “Party at Napoli’s” phrase

Kat Heintzelman, who asked for and received a hug and a homer from Mike Napoli the day before she started chemotherapy

Kyle Chaboudy, whose scoreboard selfie broke the Internet (for a little while)

Makhi Williams, a 9-year-old Tribe fan who swapped signed batting gloves with Francisco Lindor at a July game


Fans can cast their vote for the MLB Fans of the Year through Sept. 19. Once on the website, fans will choose between the four Fan of the Year nominees per club.

Fans’ votes will be cast via posts on Twitter by including a desired nominee’s unique hashtag.

Nate Crowe

Kat Heintzelman

Kyle Chaboudy

Makhi Williams

Voting percentages will be available throughout the voting period showing in real time where each nominee stands. Fans can vote as many times as they want throughout the course of the voting period and the nominee with the most hashtag uses will be declared the winning Fan of the Year for their club.

Each winner will be part of the inaugural class of MLB Fans of the Year.

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