Newborn Guereza Colobus Monkey Is Zoo’s First Baby Animal Born in 2017


The Cincinnati Zoo has welcomed a snow white guereza colobus monkey as their first baby of 2017.

The baby monkey born last week to 4-year-old mother Adanna and 21-year-old Tiberius has not yet been named nor has its gender been determined.

“We saw a lot of light-hearted behavior between the three of them,” the zoo’s primate curator said in a press statement.

Guereza colobus monkeys, native to parts of Africa, are known for their lack of a thumb. Instead, they have a non-opposable stub.

Despite its parents donning a vibrant black and white coat, the zoo explained in a press release that guereza colobus monkeys are born stark white with pink faces and blue eyes meant to help them be more visible to the mother in a dense rainforest environment.

Zoo officials expect the baby to grow a black and white coat just like its parents by the time it reaches 6 months old.

The newborn and its mother will continue spending time bonding behind the scenes, and rejoin the outdoor exhibit once the weather warms up, according to the zoo.


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